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Office Services

The Diverse Business Development Center provides valuable support and critical resources to help DBEs optimize the opportunities to continue building and expanding their business. Our goal is to use the Council’s collective resources to create synergy in the diverse business community. To do this, we need a base, a center for excellence; a place where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and support is the essential ingredient. A center for success.

Office Suites & Services

As a client of the Center, your office includes furniture, phone and internet services, a professional receptionist, phone answering and mail service, as well as access to conference rooms. DBEs that take advantage of our services can focus on developing their business and not on office operations. The facilities are clean and modern, making a first-class impression on all of your customers that call or visit your business operation. We have a vested interest in your success as a company and are committed to providing the very best service at a great value, as compared to traditional office suites.

"In-Center" Office Services

 Our on-site DBEs can choose from private offices or cubicles for their staff. There will be small meeting rooms, a large conference room, and access to a training facility. Restrooms, copy center, server room, and storage will be included. All tenants will have 24-hour access to their offices. Janitorial services along with a kitchen and break room are included in the plan. Office services also include utilities and air conditioning.

  • Quality office furniture

  • Telephone service with local & domestic long-distance included

  • High-speed internet

  • 6 hours of use of conference and meeting rooms

  • Phone answering and reception services

  • Mail services

  • Janitorial services

  • Utilities

  • 24-hour access to the facility

  • Elevator access

  • Use of kitchen and break room

  • Warm, supportive and professional environment

"Virtual" Office Services

Where presenting the appearance of established respectability is desired, DBEs may choose a “virtual” office plan. This plan includes the use of a professional business mailing address, personalized answering service, and shared private office usage. 

  • 12 hours of private office use per month

  • Access during normal business hours

If you are interested or to find out more about our office services, please call (858) 537-2281

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