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Category Sourcing Exchanges


Category Sourcing Exchanges

These are highly focused meetings that provide an opportunity for buyers from specific product/service categories to engage with suppliers who offer services within the selected areas.  This program allows for a productive connection between supply-chain decision-makers and diverse suppliers.  The audience is made up of a small number of DBE companies that start with the presentation of the decision-makers specific needs and end with individual meetings between the decision-maker(s) and the supplier.


Through this service, we work with our members to plan the exchange based on their specific needs and schedule. Members can identify the specific categories of products or services that they need, and we will create a customized sourcing exchange to meet those needs. The Council's goal is to help its members save time and resources by providing them with a platform to quickly and easily connect to diverse suppliers.

All sessions are held at the Council Training and Conference facility. If you have questions or are interested in organizing a Category Sourcing Exchange for your company, please call The Council Office at (858) 537-2281 or email us at

Some examples of service categories include:

  • Construction/Construction Related Services

  • Information Technology

  • Event Planning/Catering/Entertainment

  • Retail Products & Services

  • Facilities Maintenance

  • Legal, Risk, and Regulatory Compliance Services

  • HR Services

  • Logistics, Fleet & Transportation

  • Marketing, Media & PR

  • Office/Facilities Product & Services


Check out the videos below to hear from our members and their experience with our category sourcing exchanges. 

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