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Corporate Vendor Portal

Vendor portal registration is very important to major corporate buying organizations. It is a way for them to build a list of potential suppliers that may be suitable in response to their product and service needs.

We have developed the Corporate Vendor Portal Update Service. As a registered supplier with the Council for supply diversity, this service allows you to provide your information in one place and have it populated to each corporate vendor portal you desire. This service includes an initial registration (where necessary) and periodic updates of all the required supplier information for the first year. There will be two (2) updates per year for each subsequent year that you are a subscriber to our service.


The service is provided at a cost of $30 per vendor portal (minimum of 10 sites). Initial and periodic updates will be completed within 14 days of receiving the input data.


Remember, if you are not in or updated in a buyer organization’s vendor portal, there is no chance for new potential business.

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