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Supplier Diversity Program Support


The Council is committed to assisting our members in their community engagement programs by assisting them in the development of their supplier diversity programs and helping them understand the benefits of these initiatives. Building a diverse and inclusive supplier base can bring numerous benefits to a company, including increased innovation and competitiveness, access to new markets and customers, and a positive impact on the local community. As a resource, the Council can help our members accomplish their goals for their supplier diversity programs by connecting them with other successful supplier diversity leaders who can provide advice and support. 


We believe that by sharing best practices and connecting our members with experienced professionals, we can help them succeed in their efforts to build diverse and inclusive supplier bases. In addition to connecting our members with successful supplier diversity leaders, the Council also offers a range of resources and services to help them develop and implement effective supplier diversity programs. This includes training and development opportunities, economic impact assessments, and access to a network of diverse suppliers. By offering these resources and services, we are able to support our members as they work to create a more diverse and inclusive business environment.


 We understand the challenges that businesses face and strive to provide the support and resources needed to help them succeed. Whether through training and development opportunities, access to a network of diverse suppliers, or connections to successful supplier diversity leaders, we are here to help our members accomplish their goals and make a positive impact in their communities.

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