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Business Networking

Sourcing Services

Our sourcing service includes connecting our diverse suppliers with our corporate members, and also providing our diverse business enterprises access to our network of other diverse businesses to help them achieve their goals.

Get connected with corporate buyers.

The primary product and resource we offer are the high-quality, qualified diverse business enterprises that are connected with our Council. The key value for our members is in quality and not quantity of suppliers that are part of the Council. Our tailored approach provides our members and diverse suppliers with the “right fit” for the particular opportunities based on scope of work.

Our dedicated DBE Outreach and Services team is responsible for managing supplier outreach, recruitment and certification services on behalf of our members. This includes sourcing and servicing minority, women, disabled veteran and other diverse businesses.

Your registration with the council will make you a candidate for these sourcing requests we receive from our corporate members, as well as other DBEs.

Get connected with other DBEs.

In addition to connecting diverse business enterprises with our members, our sourcing service also enables these businesses to get connected with other diverse business enterprises in our network. This creates opportunities for these businesses to collaborate and form partnerships, which can be mutually beneficial. By connecting with other diverse businesses, these enterprises can gain access to new resources and expertise that will help support the growth and success of these enterprises.

Fill out the form below if you would like to submit a sourcing request for your business' needs.

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