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Become a Member

The Council for Supplier Diversity welcomes all companies interested in corporate membership. We offer assistance in establishing and improving corporate diversity programs as well as sourcing services from thousands of certified diverse-owned and controlled business enterprises.

Membership Criteria

Corporate membership is achieved by submitting an application in which the corporation agrees to engage in proactive supplier diversity efforts. The application is accompanied by an annual membership fee.

To become a corporate member, your business must commit to the following:

• Have or establish a supplier diversity program

• Report annually aggregate dollar purchases from diverse suppliers

• Promote business opportunities for diverse suppliers

• Designate a representative as a point of contact

• Participate in the local activities of the Council for Supplier Diversity

• Commit to an annual support level

• Support our community economic development initiatives

Supplier Diversity Starts Here

 The Council is an organization that works to build the capacity of diverse suppliers for its members. It does this through a variety of programs and initiatives that are designed to support the growth and development of these suppliers. One of the key ways in which the Council helps to build the capacity of diverse suppliers is by providing access to training and education opportunities. This can include workshops, seminars, and other forms of professional development that are designed to help these suppliers acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their respective industries. Additionally, the Council works to connect its members with diverse suppliers through networking events and other forms of outreach, helping to create valuable partnerships that can lead to long-term business relationships. Finally, the Council supports its members' supplier diversity programs by providing resources and guidance on how to effectively implement and manage these programs, ensuring that they are successful in their efforts to support diverse suppliers. Overall, the Council plays a crucial role in helping to build the capacity of diverse suppliers and support its members' supplier diversity efforts. 

Our Unique Approach

The council has developed a unique approach to supplier diversity in that it is about focusing on not how big our database is, but instead a demand-driven response to the member's needs. We just don't introduce unsolicited suppliers, we identify opportunities with corporate members, and based on their request we provide appropriate suppliers. We pre-vet and verify their certification statutes before submitting them to a member. We don't have a limited supplier list because it isn't based on them being certified by us. Our role is to do the work and identify suppliers based on our resources and connections to better respond to the needs of the corporate partners.

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