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Supplier Development Programs & Events

Supplier Development is an integral part of the Council’s strategy to help boost DBE capability and performance. We provide valuable support and varying services to help our DBEs optimize the opportunities available and to continue building and expanding their businesses. Our vision is to provide corporations with capable, world-class suppliers and provide sustainable business opportunities to diverse suppliers.


Below are some of the programs and services The Council provides to build the capacity of our diverse suppliers:

High Performance Supplier Series

HPS Series is a supplier development initiative brought together by the Council for Supplier Diversity and the University of San Diego School of Business. The program provides the opportunity for corporations to work with targeted suppliers, helping them improve processes and build their capacity to do business with said larger corporations. This is more than a training program, but is an opportunity to prepare businesses to increase their capability for a greater opportunity with companies that support the program.

The curriculum addresses the critical aspect of operating a successful business to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success. These are top-quality, interactive educational experiences that can provide powerful business results. The program features a business pre-assessment, practical engagement with business professionals, and a formal capability presentation to key decision-makers within the corporate space.

For more information on our High Performance Supplier Series click here.

Accelerator Program

The Council's Accelerator Program is built around a long-term supplier development model, focusing on comprehensive in-field training and mentoring to help suppliers improve their capabilities and reach their goals. We believe that by looking at organizational strategy and best practices, we can help our suppliers succeed in the long run.

The objective is to induct pre-qualified diverse suppliers into a dedicated accelerator program and develop their capacity to serve as qualified suppliers to the corporate member. These programs typically last 12-18 months and will be organized according to the needs of our corporate members and all of our DBE participants. 


As part of the accelerator program, we conduct a deep-dive operational assessment of all critical areas to identify areas for improvement and provide customized support to help our suppliers reach their full potential. In addition to the initial assessment, we also offer ongoing consultations and progress reviews to ensure that our suppliers are making progress and meeting their objectives.


By taking a long-term approach to supplier development and offering comprehensive support, we are able to help our suppliers succeed and grow their businesses.

Registered DBEs who fit the service criteria for an accelerator program will be contacted and provided with the program details.

Coaching Services

The Council offers coaching and consulting services for companies that have completed our supplier development programs and are looking for additional support. This program is designed to provide customized consulting workshops to help companies meet their individual needs and goals.


Our consulting workshops consist of a 2-3 hour session with a specialist who will provide recommendations to help guide and support your business. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, including USD Faculty, the Council’s staff, and executive leaders from the San Diego Leadership Forum. These experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to share, and they are dedicated to helping our clients achieve success. By offering personalized coaching and consulting services, the Council is able to provide ongoing support and guidance to our clients as they work to grow and succeed in their businesses.

Businesses interested in receiving this service will submit a request via our coaching service request form, and we will connect you with an available coach who is best fit to address your individual needs.

Category Sourcing Exchanges

These are highly focused meetings that provide an opportunity for buyers from specific product/service categories to engage with suppliers who offer services within the selected areas.  This program allows for a productive connection between supply-chain decision-makers and diverse suppliers.  The audience is made up of a small number of DBE companies that start with the presentation of the decision-makers specific needs and end with individual meetings between the decision-maker(s) and the supplier.

Any registered DBEs that fits the criteria for an upcoming Category Sourcing Exchange will be contacted and given further information on the event. Check out the videos below to hear from local diverse suppliers and their experience with our category sourcing exchanges. 

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