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Register with the Council for Supplier Diversity!
Please fill out our registration form located at the bottom of this page

Meet with corporate buyers and decision-makers.

The Council offers you an excellent opportunity to meet with corporate buyers and decision-makers who are interested in working with qualified MBE, WBE, and Veteran/SDVOB suppliers. We offer many formal and informal opportunities for you to meet with corporate buyers, respond to sourcing requests to learn about potential new business. You can also expand your professional network, develop profitable collaborations and increase business within the DBE community. 

Opportunities for business development. 

At our company, we believe in the importance of supplier diversity and strive to provide diverse enterprises with the opportunity to grow their businesses through partnerships with major corporations. Our programs are designed to give businesses the tools, knowledge, and connections they need to achieve their development goals and succeed in the marketplace. We take a demand-driven approach to sourcing, helping corporations identify areas of demand and connecting them with the right suppliers to meet that demand.

However, we understand that being a successful supplier can be challenging, especially when you don't have access to the same resources as your corporate partners. Major corporations are expecting their suppliers to be on top of their game, but suppliers may not have the benefit of in-house training departments or educational programs to help them stay current and competitive. That's why we also provide our DBEs with access to supporting resources, such as meeting spaces and office space, to help them operate effectively and efficiently. By investing in their own professional development and having the necessary resources in place, suppliers can work to meet the demands and expectations of their corporate partners and succeed in the marketplace.

Your registration with the Council for Supplier Diversity provides you with valuable resources to help your business grow.

Benefits of Becoming a Registered Council Supplier:

  • Verification of your diverse business status for major corporations

  • Local, regional, and national referrals of diverse businesses to member corporations​

  • Inclusion in Council sourcing request services

  • Exclusive invitations to Category Sourcing Exchanges for your specific products/services

  • Certification consulting and application management services

  • Top-quality education workshops to assist in your professional and organizational development

  • Opportunities to network with corporate members at Council events and activities

  • Second-tier and  business opportunities with other diverse suppliers

  • Access to highly professional office space, virtual offices, and conference room services

  • Participation in all Council programs

  • Funding and Capital Acquisition Services

  • Corporate Vendor Portal services 

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