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Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Economic Empowerment in Underserved Communities

The true mission of the Council for Supplier Diversity is to use Supplier Diversity initiatives as an engine for economic development in economically underserved communities. We are dedicated to expanding business opportunities for women, minority, service disabled veteran business and other diverse business enterprises. The ultimate outcome is to add economic value to the regional supply chain while increasing economic opportunities for economically underserved diverse communities. We believe that diverse business development is a key component of reducing poverty, unemployment, increasing wealth, and integrating American society.

The Council leverages what we call the "economic fuel" from supplier diversity to give back to the community.  As the businesses we work with grow their capacity, it enables them to support opportunities for others. The Council offers a variety of services to promote supplier diversity and economic equity. Some of the services the council offers are:

  • Supplier diversity sourcing and sourcing program development

  • Specialized business lending services

  • Supplier development and training programs

  • Office space, conference room, and event bookings for meetings, trainings, etc.

We put an emphasis on cultivating relationships with other organizations in the community to provide opportunities to underserved youth. This collaboration gives them additional guidance, mentorship, and support, but most importantly, gets them exposure to the opportunity of business and entrepreneurship as a potential career path.

In collaboration with Access Inc., San Diego Youth Services, and National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC), the Council also offers training and internships in business development to "opportunity youth" participating in our programs. These services are designed to empower youth with the skills, education, and training they need to achieve self-sufficiency and success in future work or business endeavors.

Click for more information about our youth empowerment programs and workshops.

One of the best ways to support our efforts is to make a donation to the Council. The funds received will help us continue to serve the community by funding our programs such as our High Performance Supplier Series and Young Entrepreneur Academy, as well as help us expand our organization’s reach to help provide more opportunities to the diverse businesses in our community.

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