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Join the Council in Our Ride Against Alzheimer's Disease!

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Event Details:

Date & Time: Saturday, July 8th 

  • Day-of registration opens at 7:30 AM  | Program begins: 8 AM

  • Kick-Stands Up: 8:30 AM | After Party: 11:30 AM

Start Location: San Diego Harley-Davidson (4645 Morena Blvd.)
End & After Party: AleSmith Brewing (9990 AleSmith Ct.)

Support the fight against Alzheimer's by joining the Council's team for the "Rides4ALZ", a 108-mile charity ride in beautiful San Diego County. Help over 100,000 affected San Diegans by joining our team and donating. This donation will cover your registration for the ride (which will include the official Rides4ALZ 2023 T-shirt, the 2023 Rides4ALZ Bandana, and a ticket to the After Party).

The number of affected Americans is rapidly increasing. With more than 6 million cases across various ages, backgrounds, and races, Alzheimer's disproportionately impacts minority groups. African Americans have twice the risk, women are also twice as likely, and Hispanics have a 1.5 times higher likelihood of developing the disease. Addressing this impact on communities is crucial for providing the necessary support and resources. 

Riders and non-riders can join us at the After Party located at AleSmith Brewing, where you can indulge in delicious tacos, beer on tap, music, and grab tickets for a shot at winning prizes. The location offers a spacious indoor and outdoor setting that welcomes both families and dogs, ensuring a delightful experience for everyone. 

Riders of every skill level and all types of bikes are welcome! Ride captains will guide small groups through the route which is available below. Safety is paramount, so we kindly request that you bring a mandatory helmet for your ride, as well as any other safety equipment you may have. 


Take action now by registering below to support The Council's riding team and make a donation. Together, let's create a meaningful impact and make a positive change!

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