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High Performance Supplier Series

The most successful businesses continually seek to improve and grow. The University of San Diego School of Business and the Council for Supplier Diversity are partnering to offer a series of workshops designed specifically for minority, women, service-disabled veteran, and other diverse–owned companies.

An Executive Program for Diverse Business Leaders

The program will provide professional entrepreneurial workshops to help diverse business enterprises more effectively run and grow their businesses. The curriculum addresses the critical aspect of operating a successful business to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success. These are top quality, interactive educational experiences that can provide powerful business results.

The University of San Diego School of Business and the Council for Supplier Diversity have partnered to offer this series of workshops designed specifically for our DBEs.

The HPS consists of a five workshop curriculum which addresses these critical aspect of organizational effectiveness to increase supplier performance. The first workshop is focused on Organizational and Operational Strategy, and is delivered by USD Professor Dave Pyke, and Ron Garnett, CEO of the Council for Supplier Diversity. In this highly interactive workshop, effective models for organizational and operational strategy are presented. Participants will have extensive opportunity to apply the learning to their company and to receive feedback from like-minded leaders. They learn how to formulate and audit the organization’s operations strategy, apply the learning to a case study of a famous leading company, and then apply the tools to their company.

Workshops two through five focus on a range of subjects that are designed to help businesses improve their operations and achieve their goals. These subjects include effective marketing and sales development, which cover topics such as creating effective marketing campaigns, identifying target markets, and developing sales strategies. Cost management and effective negotiation strategy is another focus of these workshops, which involves learning how to negotiate and minimize a company's costs in order to improve its profitability. Analyzing financial statements and cash flows is another important topic covered in these workshops, as understanding these key financial documents is essential for making informed business decisions. Finally, managing people is another key subject that is covered in these workshops. This includes topics such as leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and team building. In every session, the DBE is the focus.

The complete workshop series includes:

  • Organizational and Operational Strategy

  • Marketing and Business Development

  • Effective Cost and Executive Negotiations

  • Strategies for Financing and Financial Management

  • Managing People: Leveraging the Human Asset

You will also build your network as you interact with other successful business leaders. 

Program Dates and Duration

We have several cohorts scheduled for the year, with classes approximately every four weeks for five months to complete the series. All participants that complete the series will be awarded a signed certificate of completion.

Who Should Attend?

Owners and senior executives of diverse business enterprises (DBE) who have a minimum of 3 years of experience running a small business.

Program Cost

The tuition for the program (a $3,500 value) will be covered by corporate member sponsorship and scholarship support. The full five-day workshop series includes materials, morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, lunch (when conducted in person), and networking opportunities.

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